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Aug 29, 2018

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How crunching numbers found blackjacks hole

In the late 1980s a team of Las Vegas-based players managed to develop a hidden, wearable blackjack computer called Captain Crunch able to determine the dealer’s hole card. The algorithm built into the computer took advantage of a decades-old procedure from an old card trick. Its result was then signalled to another player at the table. The method was nothing short of ingenious. Captain Crunch could determine the hole card roughly 65% of the time. Take a deck of cards and remove an entire suit. Hearts will work nicely. Put all of the hearts into numerical sequence, beginning with the Ace and ending with the King. Next remove the entire suit of clubs and place them in order. Now take these two suits and execute a casino-style ‘riffle shuffle’ to shuffle them together. A casual hand shuffle will not work – the method depends on a casino shuffle to function properly.

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